Updated Information: “Good Mind” Program Offerings at Ka’nikonhriyohtshera!


Ka’nikonhriyohtshera: Fostering Emergence of the Good Mind is a 3-Day WEL-Systems®-Based program experience designed to provide you with the opportunity to engage the spiritual power and potential of who you really are!

The “Good Mind” retreats, sometimes referred to as programs in quantum healing, are delivered as weekend experiences. The programs are held at the Ka’nikonhriyohtshera Learning Center and Healing Lodge (White Pine Log House) situated at 8039 Indian Line Road on the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory near Ohsweken, Ontario. There are 5 private rooms available for rent on-site at the Lodge and must be pre-booked at the time of registration. The programs are delivered in a small group environment so only a limited number of seats are available!

Programs have been running successfully since April 1st of this year with amazing results and are co-facilitated by either April Jones, Life Coach or Betty Carr-Braint, a Certified CODE Model Coach™ with the WEL-Systems Institute. Due to a recent change in our program delivery style, all programs will now combine both Level 1 and Level 2 program participants!

If you are interested in attending a program or in securing a spot for a friend or family member, please find attached a poster and registration form with cost information and these upcoming program dates:

PROGRAM DATES: (All programs now combine level 1 & 2 participants)
Option 1: Friday, July 17 to Sunday, July 19, 2015
Option 2: Friday, August 7 to Sunday, August 9, 2015
Option 3: Friday, August 28 to Sunday, August 30, 2015
Option 4: Friday, September 18 to Sunday, September 20, 2015

Simply fill in the attached registration form with your contact information and indicate if you will be a day-time visitor or if you are planning to stay with us and email it back to me to secure your seat!  My email address is:  hill.diane.13@gmail.com 

If you need to call me to arrange your registration or for further information and any other enquiry, please call or text my cell phone at: 1-289-260-5736.

We will look forward to hearing from you! And, please feel free to circulate this posting and the attached documents to your contacts!

Good Mind Healing Retreats.Poster-2015.docx

Good Mind Healing Retreats.Registration Form-2015.docx

This Weekend Changed My Life – A Blog by Rehana Tejpar, A Good Mind Program Participant!

Greetings Friends & Colleagues!  I’m catching up on my posts and just HAD TO POST THIS!  I’m sure you can appreciate what Rehana is saying here….

Ka’nikonhriyohtshera – Fostering Emergence of the Good Mind

This weekend changed my life. I attended Ka’nikonhriyohtshera – Fostering Emergence of the Good Mind – a weekend workshop at the Six Nations Reserve. Lead by Diane Hill, a Mohawk consultant, educator, and social worker, this 3-day program utilizes research drawn from the quantum sciences and the study of cellular biology, epigenetics and neuroplasticity, to show how the human body heals itself.

The body uses its nervous system to process and integrate our many life experiences. Our bodies have trillions of cells designed to absorb the shock, pain, trauma, sadness, negativity that our experiences can cause – if we learn how to stay in the body and breathe. Breathing is what allows the body to process experiences. But what we most often do is get into our heads, into the ego and start thinking about what happened, analyzing it, trying to rationalize it, make sense of it up there. This is what schooling and society teaches us from the beginning. But what we are not taught is that understanding something from the intellect, doesn’t free you from it. Depending on the story you let the ego/mind tell yourself, you could feel better about it, or worse, but either way, it’s not gone. It’ll come back again, because the body hasn’t processed it on a cellular level.

The body is processing trillions of pieces of information every moment. The mind can only process 7-9 pieces of information at a time. The body is supremely wired for this purpose, and it doesn’t lie.

The body stores our experiences not only from our lifetime, but also the experiences of our ancestors, which are stored in our DNA. We have hundreds and thousands of people living in us.   We carry their worldviews, even if we disagree with them, unless we do the work to really transform and release them. That’s what this program is all about.

Being in the body, and breathing. De-cloaking. Speaking our truth. This is the work of this program. And it changed me. I am a different person today, on a cellular level, than I was when I came in.

I learned so much about myself. About what has been holding me back from being my most authentic self. For me, my conditioned self – what I was told I should be, didn’t match up with who I am, and who I want to be. But still I was holding belief systems and attitudes of the system I was raised and conditioned in. Scarcity thinking, credentialism, what a “successful life” looks like, what ‘real’ work looks like, what ‘productivity’ looks like, not being enough as I am, needing to be in someone else’s shadow…and the list goes on. These belief systems no longer serve me, and in fact never did, so I let them go. And continue to let them go as they come up. By being in the body, and breathing…

And I embrace abundance – there is more than enough for everyone, including me, doesn’t have to be hard, I can make a living doing what I love, and the money will come, I can be seen, I am here, I am enough. And so are you.

For more information visit http://www.dianehill.net

New Program Offerings at the Ka’nikonhriyohtshera Learning Center & Healing Lodge!


I do apologize for not having posted any news sooner than this, but many personal situations, public events, work activities and international trips have been showing up for me non-stop! Since my last public post dated September 28, 2014, I’ve been to Mexico, South Africa, Edmonton and many local places and communities in Ontario. The R.E.A.L. School Leadership Development program of which I am the program administrator has also been busy with contracts for youth programming. We have been busy creating and delivering workshops and presentations to a very large and diverse audience! So, we couldn’t be happier…..just very busy!

Needless to say, that in opening myself up to all of these amazing opportunities that have presented, I have been processing energy and information at lightening speeds! As a result of these many and diverse experiences, I AM changed and I have BEcome more!

I AM and remain very, very grateful for ALL of the lessons and for ALL of the changes that have manifested in mySELF, in my body and in my life, even though some of them have been very unpleasant! Since my holodeck is a reflection of me, there have been many corresponding changes in the world around me and in my connections with others!

And so, I am very happy to announce that since April 1st, the Ka’nikonhriyohtshera Lodge is back open for business here in Six Nations!
My friends and colleagues, April Jones and Betty Carr-Braint have joined me in delivering the Three (3) day WEL-Systems®-Based experiences entitled, Fostering Emergence of the Good Mind: An Experience in Quantum Energy Integration.

Together, we have been offering approximately 2 – three (3) day programs a month here in Six Nations in what people refer to as "Quantum Healing", but which we prefer to call, the Good Mind programs! These programs have been running very successfully and we are now ready to extend our reach and to offer the public more program options!

So, please feel free to contact us and to pass this email around to your friends and contacts! The program offerings (dates) are as follows:

Level 1 – Introductory Program for People New to the Model & Process:
**** Friday, July 10 thru to Sunday, July 12
**** Friday, August 7 thru to Sunday, August 9

Level 2 – Secondary Program for People Who are Familiar with the Model & Process, But Desire To Uncover More of Their Authentic Self!
**** Friday, July 17 thru to Sunday, July 19
**** Friday, August 28 thru to Sunday, August 30

Daily program hours are 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. The Lodge can accommodate up to 5 people in private rooms at a cost of $50.00 per night (includes basic bed linens and towels). The tuition cost per person for the 3 day program is $300.00. No food is provided, but we do serve coffee, tea and water. No Pets Please!

Advance registration is required. For registration forms, please contact either myself via email or contact April Jones at apriljonesconsulting for a registration form and flyer/poster.

For further information regarding the lodge’s location and/or a program brochure, please visit my webpage: dianehill.net

We look forward to seeing you here!

(For promotional purposes, this post will be repeated. Thank you for your patience and support.)

Announcing a NEW Webpage Look! And a NEW Testimonial Update!


I apologize for the technical difficulties with the last "Testimonial Update" that I posted from Tammie Crayne. The post has been updated and reloaded, so your email link to this post should work now. If not, you can still go into www.dianehill.net and view the new post there and SEE our new Webpage Look!

We have a new header for the webpage and we have added a new ON-LINE STORE! So just click on the "STORE" tab found on the website menu just below the header and your click will take you into the STORE! Right now, the only publications available are related to the Ethnostress articles and my book, The Power Within People.

As time progresses, we will be uploading a new book drawn from my earlier thesis work related to Wholistic learning/teaching models based on Aboriginal cultural philosophy and practice. Also, I’m engaged in some chats with internet technicians about uploading webinars on my work. So perhaps one day, I can teach you and still trigger some wave movement in you by simply using video-based material and the internet!

Amazing, eh? But for now, enjoy our NEW LOOK and our NEW STORE!

Staying Connected to the Body, Remaining Present & Breathing Really Works!

Greetings to ALL!

In one my earlier posts, I shared how one of the ladies who took part in one of the WEL-Systems®-based experiences that I conduct in Quantum Energy Integration healed her own eyes (her detached retina re-attached and her eye infection cleared). Well, a week ago, she sent me an update on how she was doing and this is a summary of what she shared with me and I am to share with all of you!

Dear Diane, 
Since healing my eyesight back in November, 2011, I have continued to practice staying in my body, living in the present moment and engaging in mindful breathing. Today, I have been able to retain over 90% of my vision in my eyes (when the doctors told me that I would likely lose my vision) and they are stable.  In 2012, I was able to reclaim my true identity as a Native person and in doing so, I was not only able to secure a job on the Six Nations reserve, but I was provided with opportunities to learn my culture and language while I was working there!  As a result, I have never been happier!   
Then, in 2013, a lot of deaths were happening in the community and it affected the people in my place of employment.  Then, organizational issues started to surface that directly impacted my job and when my supervisor died of cancer in the new year, I was called in to meetings to explain how the agency budgets had gotten out hand.  Early on after I had taken the job, I discovered that there were financial issues at the agency and I quickly realized that I had inherited them when I took the job.  But because I was so excited to be working in the community and to have the opportunity to learn both my culture and language, I stayed in the job to try and help resolve some of the agency’s issues.  
As it turned out, I was let go along with some of the other staff due to agency budget restrictions earlier this year. At first, I was very sad and hurt by this action as I wanted to stay on with my work there.  However, from the meetings I attended, I did know what was coming.  But this is the most amazing thing that happened as a result of what I was calling a bad experience! 
Over the few difficult months that decisions were being made at my work, I kept hearing my twin daughters’ favourite song from the movie, Frozen. The song used to drive me crazy because the girls played it so often and then one day, I decided to sit down and really listen to it!  The strongest words were, “Let it Go!”   
Once I started to really listen to that song, I realized that I had to do just that and stop holding on to the things that had happened and were happening at work and to let things happen in the way that the universe intended.  So, 3 weeks after I left my job, my gastric by-pass surgery was scheduled and I had major surgery.  The doctor said I would be in a lot of pain, but I refused to accept that and just kept on being present to the moment and my body and kept mindfully breathing!  As a result of the practices that I learned in Quantum healing, I was able to heal myself in record time and with little pain so I only took the pain meds for the 2 days while I was in hospital.  I started walking earlier than expected and drinking more solid liquids sooner.  When I was not walking or sleeping, I spent my time in meditation and focusing on my breathing and simply letting the field heal me.  Instead of being upset that I no longer had a job, I found that I enjoyed being home with the twins this past summer.  I was able to relax and to engage in activities with them that I had not been able to do in a very long time due to the extra weight I carried. We all love to swim, so that’s what we did a lot of this past summer!  
Today, I can walk up to 30 minutes each day and I can swim up to 45 minutes at a time.  I have lost over 60 lbs since June and I can keep up with the twins no problem.  I even coached one of their soccer games when none of the other parents would step up.  
As for a job, well, I’m now fully self-employed!  When the twins went back to school, I started to develop my own home-based accounting and bookkeeping business!  The calls are coming in now on a weekly basis and I’m surprised by the number of people who are asking me to prepare their books, complete their income tax returns and do their payroll!  I live in an ABUNDANT world!
I still take time out to meditate and to breathe!  I give thanks for the many blessings that come my way!  I am my own boss!  And I am very happy, Diane that you taught me about the quantum healing process!  I am no longer afraid to stand up for myself and I know that I don’t need to look for acceptance from anyone!  I am learning to love and to accept myself unconditionally! 
Please share my story with others so that they may be inspired to keep going with their teachings! 
Nyaweh, Tammie 
THANKS SO MUCH, Tammie for your update!  You’ve been my bookkeeper since June, 2011 and I knew you could easily operate your own business from home!  I could SEE YOU, but what’s more important is that you can finally SEE YourSELF!  Congratulations on your choice to fly on your own! What started as a scarey job loss, turned out to be a great BLESSING in disguise!  So, remember….ALL unfolds exactly as it should!