Meet Chastity Jenner – Traditional Healing. Coordinator at SOAHAC

Boozhoo Niiganikwe dizhnikaaz (aka Chastity Jenner), Ojibway\Oneida indaaw, I am an Ojibway Language Teacher. My passion is anishnaabemowin (Odawa, Ojibway, Potawatomi). It lights me up to re-discover and work with the language the Creator gave us, and to regain the knowledge and understanding of the universe the language holds. At SOAHAC, I am the Shkaabewiakwe (female helper) for the Traditional Healing Program. I assist the Traditional Healers both Anishnaabeg and Haudenosaunee, by meeting the needs of both the healers and their clients involved in one on one as well as group sessions. I perform translations, (speaking, reading, and writing) Anishaabemowin (Ojibway) for the healer (or fluent speaker). If interested, you can email Traditional Healing Program @ SOAHAC. We offer Traditonal Healing through Traditional Medicine, Traditional Knowledge/Teachings, Traditional Ceremony, Traditional Body Work along with other services such as the Quantum Energy Integration program. Traditional Healing is about acknowledging and taking care of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Miigwech!