This Quantum Energy Program Helped My Eyes To Heal – A Testimonial

I was involved in one of the Quantum Healing programs conducted by Diane Hill at her lodge in Six Nations. Even though I did not really understand what I was getting myself into, I tend to be a person who goes into things with an open mind and I’m was willing to be involved in a new experience.

Prior to attending Diane’s program, I had been dealing with some medical issues for a few months. I was suffering from a detached retina for about 6 months prior to the program and had problems with my eyesight due to the presence of a lot of floaters or black spots in my eye as well as having an eye infection.

During the session and after Diane explained how the body processes energy and information, I noticed that my eyesight started to clear up whenever I allowed myself to feel the shaking and vibration that was present in my body. By the end of the workshop, I noticed that I didn’t have any more floaters in my eye. I was amazed because all I had to do was to stay present to myself and breathe.

I went to visit my eye surgeon after the workshop a week or so later and he was so surprised to see the huge improvement in my eye since my last visit 2 months prior. The floaters and infection that he was still expecting to see some sign of had cleared. I was 50% to 75% healed and ahead of the schedule that he had set for me. As a result, I was discharged from his care months ahead of schedule! Usually with this type of condition, I was told that he would keep a person under his care for at least 18 months. I was so happy and relieved because I need my eyesight to do my work!

In addition, I found that after the session, I was able to handle stress better and I did not act all crazy as I usually did under stress. I even had fellow staff members, clients, friends and family stating how much younger I looked and how much more confident I appeared.

Also, by attending this workshop, I had become awakened to a desire to connect with my Native roots and I felt a strong urge to learn about the language and the culture that my birth family did not want to discuss when I was growing up as a child! In fact, I was not even told about all of my family roots until I was in my early teen years because my family had made a decision before I was born to not let future generations know that there was Native blood in us.

I believe that this program helped me to heal my eyes from the infection and helped my eyesight return to normal. I am now more at peace with myself. I am learning about my Native culture and learning some of the languages and I even work now for a Native language school on the reserve. My life has changed and I am happy and looking forward to a future where my children will be able to feel good about themselves and to feel proud of their Native roots.

I look forward to having the opportunity to attend other programs in the future so that I can continue on with this journey of unfolding my life!

~ Accountant, Age 42, Married and A Mother of Two Young Children

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