I promised not to mention who sent me this text message, but I just had to post the message and have been given permission to do so….

"I could have died in a car accident yesterday! But, as I sat in my spinning car and saw the on-coming traffic, I got scared but then thought…"What the hell! I don’t want to die in a car crash so I started consciously breathing and my car slid gracefully into the ditch! When it came to a rest, I sat in my car with a smile on my face and watched as people drove by slowly looking to see if I was okay. I breathed as the people we’re going by and then realized that I had to call someone to get my car out of the ditch! I am still in awe of this experience! Thank you for introducing me to the Quantum world, Diane! It is truly amazing! I really do like living in this world and knowing what I know now makes it so freeing! Thank you so much!"

And thank you for letting me post such a powerful experience! Diane

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