Help…I’m Losing My Sense of Time! Don’t know what day or month it is!

This message was received via text message that was sent to me just before the Christmas break and I asked permission to share my answer with all of you. So, here goes….

When making a choice to live one’s life as a quantum biological human, it is not unusual for a person to lose their sense of time and have glimpses or insightful moments of awareness that the things of this world are not real. Which they aren’t by the way! For example, I was riding on an airplane a year or so ago. The running lights were on so the cabin was dim. When I glanced over at the people who were seated across from me, I had a glimpse of the night sky and the stars shining brightly as if the wall of the aircraft was transparent. It was only a moment but I started to realize that everything here in this earthly realm is an illusion. We speak of such things in a quantum energy integration program. When we live in the body and awaken to the energy that is ALL around us and that WE are then we begin to realize that we too are made up of the elements of fire, water, earth and air that is all around us. When we know this deeply and intimately, the we move to BEING ENERGY and we see all as energy and then we see more and more into the manifestations of those things around us. Reaching this level of consciousness is exciting, I think. Because you are no longer worried about anything and all experiences of this life take on a new meaning and an impermanence that ensures us that, "this too shall pass!". With this greater and more expansive understanding of life, you can really start to have fun manifesting what you need and want very easily. What’s wonderful is your sense of being able to move in and out of this reality at will. You start to perceive reality on a number of levels…a multi-dimensional consciousness is a very cool thing to have because you can perceive reality on a whole range of levels from the 3rd dimensional to the 5th dimensional and beyond. Everything IS energy and because this is a truth for me, everything has the potential to manifest into many possibilities and forms!

So, welcome to the quantum world…the world of illusion, potential and endless possibilities! Enjoy your journey…and know that you can ground yourself back into a 3 dimensional reality if you choose! Then time and space can become important to you once again, but hopefully with a different understanding and perspective! Try to relax into the present and don’t worry about the future or the past where the concept and it is a concept…of time wants you to live worried about the future that isn’t here yet and/or living with repetitive thoughts of what has already passed. There is no time in the present…only the sacredness of the moment that passes to the next moment with each breath you take.

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  1. Barbara-Helen Hill

    Yes Diane, I agree and I’ve seen it myself. Thanks for putting it out there. One of my favourite quotes: “Nobody shows up in your world except by your invitation.” Alan Cohen

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