I AM finally ME! – A testimonial from Janet Antone

About a year ago, I took quite an emotional hit at work and had to quit and move back home with my parents. At age 25, I was feeling like a failure and felt hopeless that I would ever be able to live the life I wanted to have. This situation led to three months of me being home sleeping away the majority of the day. I was moving no more than 5 feet from my bed and crying at the drop of the hat over everything and everyone. My mind never seemed to slow down with constant thoughts of "what will people think" or "does everyone hate me?" I felt like I was going crazy!

Then last November, I switched to SOAHAC as my healthcare provider and was diagnosed with mild depression and a moderate level of anxiety. With this new diagnosis, I began seeing a mental health worker and then, the pills started which helped my racing mind slow down. Although I was able to regain some light to my life, I hit a point where I questioned, "Is this all that I have to look forward to in my life? Just being content with what’s happening and how I’m living?"

Then, something amazing happened! My worker who had been suggesting that I go to Quantum healing mentioned this again and this time I said, "Yes" while thinking, "What could it hurt?" In mid-January of 2014, my first Quantum Energy Integration workshop happened at SOAHAC and I was one of a couple of people who were taking their first level one program. By the end of the 3 days, it was like someone had switched a light on! My mind became clearer! I realized I wanted more and it just so happened that a Level 2 program was happening only two weeks after my level 1. I signed up and boy, another big change happened! I realized that everything in life was possible and I was even more clear than I had ever been in my life! Again, I wanted even more! So, I was able to get on the list for an upcoming session at Oneida and there, I got clear on a lot of things for myself! I was able to let go of my need for validation and truly be open to the life that I wanted and knew I deserved. I BECAME AWAKE and READY! In declaring this, this is when things in my life truly took a turn! Up until this point, I was still lost on the job front. Not wanting to give myself away again to a job, I kept saying no to offers, then out of no where an old contact told me that she had so much work that she didn’t have time to do her own job. I took what she said as a sign so I emailed her and asked her to consider hiring me as her assistant to help take that load off of her. Using the quantum model and realizing, "I want this and I’m taking it! And if she says no, then that’s okay too, but I’m asking for what I want!" Then, the most amazing thing happened, she said yes! To make a long story short, I just finished writing out my own job description and that task helped me to answer another question that I had about myself. I found out that, "I am pretty talented and smart you guys!" Now I am able to work at a job where I can set my own hours at a pay I’ve always wanted!

In total, I’ve done 5 quantum workshops since January spanning levels 1 & 2 and all I can say is that I AM NOW AWAKE! I can get my own answers to the questions that I ask as long as I’m willing to see AND to stay out of my intellect/ego by NOT trying to figure things out! My answers just show up! And I have even better news! As of two weeks ago, I’ve been off my anti-anxiety medication and I’ve been doing just fine! I feel the feelings and various energies in my body and just breathe through them. I’ve even been passing along the quantum model to my mom to help her get clear as well! It’s great to have someone in the house who knows what I’m talking about! Even though staying in the body is not always easy because my ego tries to get in there whenever I take an energy hit to the body, I’ve learned that I can catch it and quiet the ego down and heal myself.

I am SO GRATEFUL for this model of wellness as it’s saved my life and brought me back to my authentic self for the first time! This program has also blessed me with a friend in Diane.

Janet Antone, Oneida of the Thames First Nation, April 16, 2014

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  1. Barbara-Helen Hill

    This is an awesome testimony to the wonderful Quantum Healing Work. Tell her congratulations.

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