Sharing A Powerful Experience with A Powerful Outcome!

The following testimonial was sent to me on April 26, 2014 by Amanda Bird via text message. She has given me her full permission (her name and all) to share with all of you. It demonstrates the powerful capacity of the body to change our lives!

"I just had one of the worst dreams of my life. It was very violent in all the ways that people can be violent. I was being abused, watching abuse, and giving abuse. I saw a few people in my life today behaving as tho’ this was no big deal. They were talking to me with a matter of fact attitude which did not match the circumstances in the dream. It was extremely disturbing….I woke up breathing like you taught us, before I was even fully awake my body was breathing and processing.

I have been working on what we talked about the other day and lots of energies have been moving. I’ve gone thru some big energy movement on all chakra centres and just kept telling myself to stay with me and not to give up on me and to keep breathing and keep expressing. What came to me once I really woke up was all the reflections (back to me) I did not see from those who are closest to me. I saw myself as a child and thru all of the stages of my life…the words that came were….the words related to what was passed on to me. Life has either been shoved in my hand or ripped out of my hand and so I carried that have been living the same way without being able to see me until now. I saw me and I saw my innocence. I was able to separate myself from my life traumas and see that it was just a "thing" (energy) that I have been carrying. This is energy that I don’t need to understand, but to just let go of. I realized that I have been either forcing life in or out, rarely accepting it with peace and love and rarely giving it with peace and love. This is a very big realization but I finally saw it!

Yaw:ko for your work! I am grateful that you do what you do and have shared with me and so many people. I have finally understood from an energy level about all of this! Mentally, I’ve known for awhile, suddenly my job, my relationships, and my self came clearer….and I could see what was underneath them. I saw my "MIND" and the dysfunctions it holds on to.

Everyday I have been meditating and practicing opening up to the universe. I have been learning to let go of the tug of war with life! In doing this, I have been finding my inner power and inner strength and love that is all connected to the universe and runs smooth and easy and in peace. Today, I cried tears of happiness because the vision that came thru my meditation was of myself as a spiritual teachers which is aligned with my name, kunalunkwastla-compassion. It felt amazing to me. I saw how that fits into everything that I do and everything that I AM. This is what I have learned from you….to accept myself, stay with myself and to pay attention to the signal. Yaw:ko Diane! This is the best healing work that I’ve done so far and the most peaceful kind I must add!"

And then again on May 2, 2014, Amanda texted me yet again:

Over the past few days, I’ve been able to see ego….Edging God Out! Also to see why I chose the parents I did and the experiences I chose to have thru this life-time. What a compassionate spirit I am to have been so brave enough to choose all that I have been through! Today, I saw the separation between the light that I AM & what we know as personality, from the level of the self-conditioned self. If we are unable to let go of the labels of personality and the things we think we are (and should be), then we can’t be the "I AM". The I AM that I AM is not tied down! I am always evolving….I’m beaming Diane and right now, I feel unburdened by all of the stories that the ego tells me! Now that’s an incredible place to stand! I don’t have all the answers and I don’t know what’s coming next and I’m not trying to get anywhere! This feels just wonderful! Man o’ man, have I been moving!

Amanda…I’m so happy that you have recognized what it means to be free of the ego! Your internal shifting and recognition of the "I AM" that "You ARE" just keeps on getting better and better! I am very moved by the growth of your consciousness and your freedom from the stories of your past that the ego loves to tell you!

The journey thru life for those of us who choose this path does keep getting better as we open and evolve ourselves spiritually. New opportunities will and do present themselves to us. We don’t always need to know where we are going or how we’re going to get there! But, Amanda, you will remember that in our conversation you did ask for more. I believe that this experience….(that you have shared with me and now with the others who will receive this post)…IS MORE!

And as you know, there will continue to be more and more coming your way as you continue to open, to unfold yourself and to move out into the world feeling safe, peaceful and protected! There is much abundance in the world and now that you are free from the stories that the ego tells you, I know that you will be able to see the abundance in all of its forms and to see more of what has been waiting for you! Yours is a powerful experience with a powerful outcome! Thanks for sharing! Diane