Staying Connected to the Body, Remaining Present & Breathing Really Works!

Greetings to ALL!

In one my earlier posts, I shared how one of the ladies who took part in one of the WEL-Systems®-based experiences that I conduct in Quantum Energy Integration healed her own eyes (her detached retina re-attached and her eye infection cleared). Well, a week ago, she sent me an update on how she was doing and this is a summary of what she shared with me and I am to share with all of you!

Dear Diane, 
Since healing my eyesight back in November, 2011, I have continued to practice staying in my body, living in the present moment and engaging in mindful breathing. Today, I have been able to retain over 90% of my vision in my eyes (when the doctors told me that I would likely lose my vision) and they are stable.  In 2012, I was able to reclaim my true identity as a Native person and in doing so, I was not only able to secure a job on the Six Nations reserve, but I was provided with opportunities to learn my culture and language while I was working there!  As a result, I have never been happier!   
Then, in 2013, a lot of deaths were happening in the community and it affected the people in my place of employment.  Then, organizational issues started to surface that directly impacted my job and when my supervisor died of cancer in the new year, I was called in to meetings to explain how the agency budgets had gotten out hand.  Early on after I had taken the job, I discovered that there were financial issues at the agency and I quickly realized that I had inherited them when I took the job.  But because I was so excited to be working in the community and to have the opportunity to learn both my culture and language, I stayed in the job to try and help resolve some of the agency’s issues.  
As it turned out, I was let go along with some of the other staff due to agency budget restrictions earlier this year. At first, I was very sad and hurt by this action as I wanted to stay on with my work there.  However, from the meetings I attended, I did know what was coming.  But this is the most amazing thing that happened as a result of what I was calling a bad experience! 
Over the few difficult months that decisions were being made at my work, I kept hearing my twin daughters’ favourite song from the movie, Frozen. The song used to drive me crazy because the girls played it so often and then one day, I decided to sit down and really listen to it!  The strongest words were, “Let it Go!”   
Once I started to really listen to that song, I realized that I had to do just that and stop holding on to the things that had happened and were happening at work and to let things happen in the way that the universe intended.  So, 3 weeks after I left my job, my gastric by-pass surgery was scheduled and I had major surgery.  The doctor said I would be in a lot of pain, but I refused to accept that and just kept on being present to the moment and my body and kept mindfully breathing!  As a result of the practices that I learned in Quantum healing, I was able to heal myself in record time and with little pain so I only took the pain meds for the 2 days while I was in hospital.  I started walking earlier than expected and drinking more solid liquids sooner.  When I was not walking or sleeping, I spent my time in meditation and focusing on my breathing and simply letting the field heal me.  Instead of being upset that I no longer had a job, I found that I enjoyed being home with the twins this past summer.  I was able to relax and to engage in activities with them that I had not been able to do in a very long time due to the extra weight I carried. We all love to swim, so that’s what we did a lot of this past summer!  
Today, I can walk up to 30 minutes each day and I can swim up to 45 minutes at a time.  I have lost over 60 lbs since June and I can keep up with the twins no problem.  I even coached one of their soccer games when none of the other parents would step up.  
As for a job, well, I’m now fully self-employed!  When the twins went back to school, I started to develop my own home-based accounting and bookkeeping business!  The calls are coming in now on a weekly basis and I’m surprised by the number of people who are asking me to prepare their books, complete their income tax returns and do their payroll!  I live in an ABUNDANT world!
I still take time out to meditate and to breathe!  I give thanks for the many blessings that come my way!  I am my own boss!  And I am very happy, Diane that you taught me about the quantum healing process!  I am no longer afraid to stand up for myself and I know that I don’t need to look for acceptance from anyone!  I am learning to love and to accept myself unconditionally! 
Please share my story with others so that they may be inspired to keep going with their teachings! 
Nyaweh, Tammie 
THANKS SO MUCH, Tammie for your update!  You’ve been my bookkeeper since June, 2011 and I knew you could easily operate your own business from home!  I could SEE YOU, but what’s more important is that you can finally SEE YourSELF!  Congratulations on your choice to fly on your own! What started as a scarey job loss, turned out to be a great BLESSING in disguise!  So, remember….ALL unfolds exactly as it should!   


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  1. Louise LeBrun

    Thank you, Tammie, for sharing your amazing adventure with us all! I read your words and am deeply moved by the genius of it all – and your great courage in being willing to trust the Voice, within. As you have already so powerfully expressed: it just keeps getting better!

    My deep appreciation to you, Diane, for taking this body of knowledge, as a possibility, to those who have the desire to transform their lives.

    I am humbled by the magic of it all!


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