“Good Mind” Program – Testimonials At A Glance!

Ka’nikonhriyohtshera: Fostering Emergence of the Good Mind is a 3-Day WEL-Systems®-Based program experience designed to provide you with the opportunity to engage the spiritual power and potential of who you really are! Here is what some program participants are saying about the program:

  • One word – Transformational!!!
  • It helped me to let go of my past, because my past is just a story! I am NOT my past!
  • Change doesn’t have to be hard. It CAN BE as easy as taking a breath!
  • This is an excellent program for caregivers who are working in any area of the human services field with various types and ages of people and that includes working with family & community members.
  • This program taught me how to look after myself by changing my negative thinking and learning how to live in the body & to trust it.
  • The "work" of life really is about finding yourself; about BEING yourself – "It’s all about ME!"
  • As you become aware of your body, this program really does heal the body! Simply amazing stuff……
  • The concept of quantum healing or energy integration work is close to the essence of Indigenous cultural ways. Our ancient ways are the foundation of our culture. If we can get those back, imagine the power! This program shows us how to reclaim ourselves and our ancient teachings!
  • This program experience helps you to stay present & to live in the present moment!
  • It has helped me to break some dysfunctional behaviour patterns based on some learned beliefs, values and attitudes; "I am not my family; I am not my community."
  • My parenting has improved & been strengthened because I see my children now as the adults that they are; they are powerful life forces unto themselves. Such a simple concept…..
  • This program has helped us to create healthier & more respectful relationships in our home.
  • What an awakening this experience has been for me! And you don’t even know that you have been asleep!
  • It stops us from blaming others for our life experiences! I am 100% responsible for myself, for my choices and the life that I am creating for myself!
  • Living my life has gotten easier! Thank you!
  • My sensitivity to energy has heightened; I can feel the vibration of life.
  • It takes more energy to live and to maintain an illusion. I am done fighting "it" and not even knowing what "it" is….it is so energizing to live my truth! I’m so done with listening to the ego and all of the stories that it tells me.
  • I AM a powerful SPIRITUAL BEING having a HUMAN experience!

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  1. Victoria

    Amazing Diane thank you for all that you have learned and sharing you with us. Thank for helping to wake up the people.

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