Success in Overcoming A Smoking Addiction……a testimonial from Ken & Sheila…

Greetings Friends! Please join me in congratulating this couple on their latest achievement….. Just had to post their message!

Hey Diane! Your Quantum Couple is doing great!!! We continue to heal, support and just be present for each other and others in our spiritual walk together. I would like to share that the shifts we experience together is amazing and we now journey towards healing our bodies from our final addiction. Yep, at this moment we are not smoking! How did we do it? Simply breathe through those thoughts, cravings and smile. Oh yes, keeping busy helps too! ☺ We miss ya and think of you often, love, light and peace! Sheila & Ken (Via Facebook, February 10, 2016)

Also, new "Good Mind" program dates and registration form for March to June, 2016 will be posted next. Stay tuned!!!