Appreciating Adversity – In Learning to Trust MySELF & the Universe!

Animikodaading 2017 Diane,

I wanted to share some experiences which have to do with Appreciating Adversity!

You are well aware that on April 7, 2015 my son committed suicide. And I know that if it hadn’t been for the tools that I acquired from your program, I wouldn’t have been able to handle that tragic event in the way that I did. I am so grateful for the Awakening.

To continue and after this event, I ended up losing my employment because I wouldn’t bend to how people thought I should grieve such a loss. If I had chosen to roll around in the mud and pull my hair out or pour myself into a box of beer, that might have been more acceptable. However, thru the ‘Good Mind’ quantum experience, I knew that wouldn’t have worked and besides, that isn’t who I am.

What worked for me was breathing, drinking water and processing what I was feeling while staying in the present. In addition to that, the Universe sent tons of people/teachers to give me support through that difficult time. I am sooooo truly grateful for the love of the Universe.

Since losing my employment, I have had no steady income, no E.I., no Ontario Works. Yet I have been able to pay off the loan on my car and money, not alot, has made its way to me enabling me to keep gas in the car, etc. I had decided that I was going to just TRUST that the Universe would take care of me and it has!

In the meantime, I continue to breathe and drink water and process the energies that move through my body. I have added vibrational meditations twice a day. During this time of unemployment, the Universe has sent teachers to help me process what I was experiencing through different means. It did not matter whether I was building my out-house and solar shower or simply having visits with friends, etc., I was being helped. During one of those visits, I was able to realize how truly loved I am by the Universe! I was with a young mom who had miscarried and she was really struggling with this loss. I was able to share with her some of the tools I learned from the Good Mind quantum program. Eventually, during the visit, we talked about my son and I shared with her a dream I had when he was three. I was pregnant with my second child when I had this dream of my son falling off a roof and I couldn’t catch him. I couldn’t even breathe air into his lungs because every time I did, it hurt him. So, I woke up from this dream sobbing and crying, "my baby, my baby." As I shared this dream with her, I came to two realizations. One, that the Universe had begun preparing me for his leaving back then and two, I realized just how much I was loved and am loved by the Universe.

The sharing of this dream brought back a memory of the session where you challenged me on my belief about falling apart if anything were to happen to my children. Since that session, there have been lots of teachers and you, my wonderful friend, have been one of them!

Now, my most recent experience with adversity concerns a gall bladder attack that landed me in the Emergency Room at St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto. Again, breathing, drinking water, using vibrational meditations, etc. were my go-to tools. I implemented them, but oh-oh, they didn’t clear the building pressure I was experiencing!! I’ve never had an experience like this ever in my life so it was a bit unnerving! My mantra in all of this was "I choose to believe that this serves a purpose for my life." And, thank goodness, my daughter, Julia, called 911 and help arrived. Once the diagnosis was given that I had gall stones and a referral given for surgery for the next day, I was ready to deal with this health issue in the manner suggested. However, that was not to be! The clinic I was referred to is only open on Wednesdays and this was a Friday. So, a DELAY was evident. Again, in being myself and looking to find out how I could help myself, I googled and found remedies that could help my situation.

Needless to say, what I found was something that is emphasized and talked about in Quantum Healing and that is that we create our reality and we can heal our bodies. It was there that I found a book on "Liver and Gall Bladder Cleansing." And what’s contained in there, I can totally see in retrospect! And I’m laughing at myself as I reflect back to 20 years ago, to that very busy, involved, externally referenced woman I was back then. The nudging was there all along inside of me but I didn’t follow through. My victim mentality, my hoping for a miracle, my waiting for life to happen stopped me from acting on my own behalf and I did nothing or did very little. HAHA, I can laugh at myself now!

Anyway, over the holidays, I did the gall stone flush and watched those little green babies come out of my body. In the process of doing all of this, I have found the cause for the anger that I have struggled with for so long! Even tho, I worked soooo hard to acknowledge it and to release it, I came to find out that, that anger still had its hooks in me. And get this, my surgery has been put off until March!!! So I am laughing because I KNOW I have been given time to heal my body. Again, the realization that I am soooooo Loved by the Universe hits me!

There’s more but that’s all I am going to share for now. I am learning to "Appreciate Adversity and Embrace It" as it serves a purpose for my life! Adversity changes me and helps me to fulfill my potential.

Love you Diane, in the fullness of what the Universe can hold.



And your inspirational story is a wonderful illustration of how you are choosing to tap into the authentic power and expression of who you really are! A powerfully creative and deeply spiritual human being! Thanks so much for sharing! May you continue to choose to stand in your power!