From Mavis….A Testimonial – February, 2017

Hello To All,

I’ve just returned from a weekend led by Diane Hill at the Ka’nikonhriyohtshera
Healing Lodge & Learning Centre. I attended this weekend hoping that the feelings of hurt and sadness, that I had so tightly corked, would rise to the surface just enough for me to make a small shift. To my astonishment, I uncorked long buried hurt and discovered a subverting narrative!

The weekend was skillfully facilitated by Diane, Bubba and Stephanie. Their integrity, compassion and the impact of their work with me made it possible for me to have an immediate benefit. My diaphragm has opened, allowing my therapeutic masseur to make unexpected headway in regard to helping me with my chronic back pain. My masseur believes that this was possible because of the release of so much emotion.

These weekends with Diane are tough. The work demands your ego to let go of its control. However, the reward is a huge sense of release and relief of certain emotional issues, mental thought patterns and the physical condition I carried. Thank you so much!

One thought on “From Mavis….A Testimonial – February, 2017

  1. Barbara-Helen Hill

    That is awesome to hear. I too had great benefits from being at Diane’s workshop/weekend retreat. It is hard to say it is any one thing because it is a workshop – with many teachings, it is a healing weekend and it is a retreat with old friends and/or soon to be friends.

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