Programs & Services

General Programs and Services:
  • Facilitates a specialized program in Quantum Energy Integration Work entitled, Ka’nikonhriyohtshera: Fostering Emergence of the Good Mind, integrating concepts drawn from the WEL-Systems® Body of Knowledge.
Diane Hill Quantum Energy Integration Brochure - click images Diane Hill Quantum Energy Integration Brochure - page 1 Diane Hill Quantum Energy Integration Brochure - page 2
  • Manages the program design and delivery of community-based life skills programming for personal transformation & leadership development entitled, R.E.A.L. School: Reality Education & Applied Lifeskills.

  • Consults in the design, development and delivery of integrative community-based training programs focused on human resource development.

  • Advises and conducts training in Portfolio Development and Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition.

  • Provides teacher training in adult learning principles and facilitation techniques.

  • Lectures extensively both nationally and internationally at many universities, colleges, educational conferences and wellness symposiums.

  • Conducts culturally-based workshops on Indigenous learning and teaching strategies incorporating Indigenous knowledge, culture & philosophy.

    • For more information on other programs and services offered, please click on the C.V. links of PDF documents found in this website under Curriculum Vitae!

4 thoughts on “Programs & Services

  1. Ishkode Anaquodo Quay

    Boozhoo Neejee,

    G’chi miigwech!! My being human experience has now reached a new level of consciousness that will be ever present as I travel through time embracing the ever expanding reality of my own spirit. I am moving forward with love in my heart and peace in my soul.
    Keep doing what your doing!! Until next time….

  2. Btakmi-nimkii-kwe

    Boozhoo Diane

    Meegwetch for the great video. I was glad to see this fine production promoting the good work you do.

    I am referring a friend to your website.

    Until we cross paths again. K. Henry

    1. Diane Hill

      Thanks so much, K for your comments, support and making a referral! I just finished another 3 day, level one – Quantum Energy Integration program with SOAHAC (Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre) at their site on the Chippewas of the Thames FN, this past weekend! The work done by the group was inspirational for all who attended! We will soon be delivering a level 2, 3 day session at SOAHAC in November for the weekend of November 8-10th. Please contact Chastity Jenner, Coordinator, Traditional Healing Programs at SOAHAC, 519-289-0352…if you are interested in attending. Chas is the keeper of the participant list for this program. Hope to see you soon! Diane


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